Bye bye Milano!

Thanks to:

RTME Organization:

Sean Kilkenny TCRG – RTME Chair

Mary Sweeney ADCRG – RTME Vice Chair

Esther Bromley ADCRG – Feis Secretary

Shane McAvinchey TCRG – PR Chair

Darya Markosyan TCRG – Russia & Belarus

Nathan Baillieul TCRG – North West Europe

Biagio Mineo TCRG – South West Europe

Adriana Sturdikova TCRG – North East Europe

Harald Habermayer TCRG – South East Europe

Grainne Ní Chonchuibher – CLRG Chair

– Musician: Dean Crouch TCRG – London England


Patricia Scanlon ADCRG – Birmingham England
Charles Moore ADCRG – Munster Ireland
Kathleen McLaughlin ADCRG – Glasgow Scotland

-All the dancers and friends and more

See u next year in Vienna!


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