Exam in Vienna

Vienna, Austria December 2017

Fantastic news: the first ever Mainland Europe hosted ADCRG/TCRG/TMRF examinations will be held in Vienna, Austria, on December 14th – 17th 2017. Venue details will be confirmed shortly. This is a new stepping stone in the evolution of RTME and we are very excited to announce it!

We encourage you to like, share and send this information to all potential candidates who might be interested in taking their exam this year.

Please be advised that spaces at these exams are allocated as per date application and fee have been received. 

For further information regarding availability and registration please email

Ceili Workshop with Mary McElroy – Vienna

Ceili Workshop with Mary McElroy (SDCRG) for all upcoming teachers in Mainland Europe, or teachers who are preparing their ADCRG exam, on Sat, 25th + Sun, 26th Feb. 2017 in Vienna.



Exam 2017

 Washington DC, USA. February 2017

ADCRG/TCRG/TMRF Examinations have been confirmed for Washington DC, 9th-12th February 2017. Venue Details – Marriott Washington Dulles Airport. 45020 Aviation Drive, Dulles, Virginia.

Dublin, Ireland. June 2017

ADCRG/TCRG/TMRF Examinations have been confirmed for Dublin, 8th-11th June 2017. Venue Details – An Clasac, Alfie Byrne Road, Clontarf.

For further information regarding availability and registration please email

Aisling Awards 2016

Oireachtas Rince   na Cruinne 2016

Aisling Awards

No Competition No: Name School Country
1 Senior Men Over 21 124 Sandun Vershoor Kilkenny Netherlands
2 Men 20 – 21 No entries
3 Men 19 – 20 No entries
4 Men 18 – 19 111 Benjamin Windborg Larson Celtic Inspiration Norway
5 Men 17 – 18 114 Jonas Springorum Ronan Morgan Czech Republic
6 Boys 16 – 17 109 Kristian Fisl Ronan Morgan Czech Republic
7 Boys 15 – 16 130 Cillian Sweeney Sweeney-McAvinchey Germany
8 Boys 14 – 15 108 Kian Steytler Driver Charlton South Africa
9 Boys 13 – 14 130 Austin Semple Sweeney-McAvinchey Germany
10 Boys 12 – 13 (No Entries)
11 Boys 11 – 12 148 Ronan Flynn Sweeney-McAvinchey Germany
12 Boys 10 – 11 125 Luke Pelletier Sweeney-McAvinchey Germany
21 Senior Ladies Over 21 300 Michelle Gann Sweeney McAvinchey Germany
22 Ladies 20-21 154 Veronika Benackova McGahan Lees Czech Republic
23 Ladies 19 – 20 122 Ana Laura Neve Drake Mexico
24 Ladies 18 – 19 117 Sarah Slavickova McGahan Lees Czech Republic
25 Ladies 17 – 18 174 Kealan Niamh Dale Duncan South Africa
26 Girls 16 – 17 249 Ciara Maloney Sweeney McAvinchey Germany
27 Girls 15 – 16 250 Vanessa Langer IDCV Austria
28 Girls 14 – 15 109 Luisa Diaz Drake Mexico
29 Girls 13 – 14 206 Aoife O’Neill Sweeney McAvinchey Germany
30 Girls 12 – 13 102 Anita Kiechle Irish Dance Studio Germany
31 Girls 11 – 12 195 Chiara Kleo Edl Irish Dance Academy Austria
32 Girls 10 – 11 218 Mieka Young Kilkenny Netherlands

New RTME rules

1. All CLRG registered teachers who wish to enter their dancers in the Mainland Europe Irish Dance Championships need to be registered members with RTME. For further information about the registration process, please contact our officers.

2. Please note that the rule concerning the Adult Championships in the Mainland Europe Irish Dance Championships has been changed to read as follows:
Adult Championships are for dancers who have not won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in Open Championship level for the last two years and for dancers not participating in full Open Championship at the same feis.

Graduation Ceremony

The graduation will take place on Saturday 26th March 2016 in the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 100 Renfield Street, Glasgow G2 3DB starting at 5:00pm.

The programme for the evening has still to be finalised but it is expected to run close to:

5:00pm                               Graduates arrive

5:00pm-5:45pm                Reception Drinks and Finger Food

5:45pm-7:30pm                Graduation

Ar Rinci Ceili 2014 Clarification

Ar Rinci Ceili 2014 Clarification 

The intention behind the production of the Ar Rinci Ceili 2014 hand book and DVD was to give clarity as to how these Céilí dances should be performed, and to remove insofar as is possible the ambiguities contained in Ar Rinci Foirne. With this in mind, An Coimisiun has previously produced a list of the changes embodied in the new publications for the guidance of teachers, adjudicators and dancers. 

However, the members of the Music and Dance Committee are concerned, as, indeed, are other members of An Coimisiun, that a particularly fundamentalist attitude may be adopted by adjudicators and others charged with implementing these changes. Ceili dancing is a living art and cannot be so tightly packaged that there is no room left for innovation. We would absolutely agree that, having published this new revised handbook and DVD of our beloved Ceili dances, the movements should be performed as per Ar Rinci Ceili. 

However, movements in Ceili dances are intended to flow naturally. Although numbers of bars may be specified within the description of a movement, the natural flow and rhythm of the dance may take precedence over strict compliance with these requirements. Notwithstanding such considerations, the total number of bars specified to complete a movement must be adhered to.

Please find attached important notices from An Coiste Rince & Ceol – Music and Dance Committee. One is in reference to the below motion passed at the last meeting of An Coimisiún and the other regarding the light jig.

  1. That the wording of the final sentence in the description of the First Figure of Trip to the Cottage in Ár Rincí Céilí be amended to read as follows: All sidestep clockwise, finishing with two threes, and release hands (4 bars); couples then take hands (crossed or uncrossed) and swing back to place (4 bars).