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“For the first time in history CLRG is opening its doors to invite dancers from all dance groups and schools, regardless of organizations, to join us in celebrating Irish dance together at our open feisanna in Mainland Europe and Russia. We look forward to building new friendships with fellow Irish dancers and look forward to seeing you at our feisanna”


“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham


Open platform Status for all Feiseanna in Europe, Russia, Asia and Nordic Region.

When a feis has this ruling in their syllabus it is has Open Status please contact each individual feis organisor to enter that particular feis.

 This Feis is open to persons who are registered as teachers (in any category) with An Coimisuin and to registered Ceili Clubs. It is also open to persons who are not yet affiliated to An Coimisuin. As a special concession An Coimisuin will give special accreditation to such persons for the duration of the Feis.

Persons seeking such accreditation must apply directly to the feis organisers.

This new ruling is for a period of two years for all feiseanna in Europe, Russia, Asia and the Nordic Region starting from September 2012.

Rules of Open platform Status

1. Open platform Status can be used at any feiseanna that are held in Europe, Russia, Nordic Region and Asia for a period of two years starting September 2012 – September 2014.

2. The current rule that An Coimisuin dancers can only take part in An Coimisuin feiseanna still applies.

3. It is not compulsory that a feis in any of these regions has to have Open platform Status, it is the choice of the feis  organiser.

4. It is suggested at the time of registration for your feis you insert these rules in your syllabi.

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