Once a teacher has passed their T.C.R.G. examination and has registered with CLRG they can then register with RCCEA. All active teachers, both resident or non resident, operating in our region are encouraged to join. It must be noted that if teachers wish to enter dancers at our annual Oireachtas - World Qualifiers, they must be registered. You can always contact your Regional representative for help or advice on how to get started.



CLRG Irish dance schools are now to be found in most areas of Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. The purpose of this website is to assist anyone wishing to join a CLRG registered school in the above mentioned region. New pupils are always welcome, as the main goal of CLRG is to promote and develop Irish dancing and its wider culture, especially its language and music. Please check the Teachers and Schools section to find a school closest to you.


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10 Apr 2022

RCCEA supporting Ukraine and praying for the safety and wellbeing of

5 May 2021

RCCEA Council members and positions 2021 - 2023

27 Nov 2020

RCCEA are glad to launch the Shoe Bank project - more details inside!

23 Nov 2020

Share your best RCCEA Oireachtas memories and stay tuned for some amazing past championships content!

9 Oct 2020


7 Oct 2020

RCCEA is running a non-competitive video challenge for our region's dancers of all levels, closing date is October 30th

15 Jan 2020

Updated CLRG rules are posted in the relevant section of our website

18 Nov 2019

Oireachtas final timetable can be downloaded here

28 Oct 2019

Oireachtas entries are open at

11 Oct 2019

We are currently seeking submissions from dancers and teachers to assist in documenting our history at the World Championships.

18 Sep 2019

As you may know, there are periodic attempts to scam money out of people via e-mail labelled with the names of our chairs. 

29 Aug 2019

RCCEA Registration 2019 - 2020 is opening on September 1st until September 30th, so all formerly

11 Apr 2019

New hotels added

27 Mar 2019

2019 Oireachtas hotel booking information is posted in the

27 Nov 2018

The updated Oireachtas timetable is attached.

22 Nov 2018

Important pre-Oireachtas information! Parking at the venue is €12.50 per day

31 Oct 2018

Attention, teachers! Please ensure all perpetual cups are engraved, cleaned, polished and returned in time

19 Oct 2018

Dear teachers, please note that Oireachtas entries are open.

14 Aug 2018

New Oireachtas hotel - there are no more rooms available at special rate in the Radisson Blu.

7 Jun 2018

The Open Teachers' Meeting in Munich will be held on Friday, June 22nd, starting at 18:00, at the feis venue

12 Apr 2018
To book your room with the Oireachtas hotel, follow these steps:
12 Apr 2018

All dancers entered in the Aisling award and not in the Worlds 2018 recall, please check

12 Apr 2018

All old and new teachers are kindly invited to fill in their 2017-2018 registration information

10 Dec 2017

Full list of RCCEA Aisling Award winners!

15 Mar 2017

Ceili Workshop with Mary McElroy (SDCRG) for all upcoming teachers in Mainland Europe, or teachers who are preparing

21 Dec 2016

Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2016

11 Sep 2016

1. All CLRG registered teachers who wish to enter their dancers in the Mainland Europe Irish Dance Championships need

1 Jan 2015

The intention behind the production of the Ar Rinci Ceili 2014 hand book and DVD was to give clarity as to how these