Once a teacher has passed their T.C.R.G. examination and has registered with CLRG they can then register with RCCEA. All active teachers, both resident or non resident, operating in our region are encouraged to join. It must be noted that if teachers wish to enter dancers at our annual Oireachtas - World Qualifiers, they must be registered. You can always contact your Regional representative for help or advice on how to get started.



CLRG Irish dance schools are now to be found in most areas of Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. The purpose of this website is to assist anyone wishing to join a CLRG registered school in the above mentioned region. New pupils are always welcome, as the main goal of CLRG is to promote and develop Irish dancing and its wider culture, especially its language and music. Please check the Teachers and Schools section to find a school closest to you.


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Newly elected RCCEA council


RCCEA Council members and positions 2021 - 2023


Chair: Mary Sweeney, ADCRG  
Vice-Chair: Biagio Mineo, TMRF

Secretary: Mara Cernat, TCRG 
Vice-Secretary: Rachel Franzen, ADCRG

Treasurer: Madeleine Friesinger-Kostack, TCRG 
Vice-Treasurer: Shane McAvinchey, TCRG

Feis Registrar: Lucy Johnstone, TCRG

Transfer Secretary: Esther Bromley, BG

Child Protection Officer: Kathryn O'Connor Barton, ADCRG

Council member ; Dmitry Leschev TMRF

Regional Representatives:

N-W Europe: Lucy Johnstone, TCRG
S-W Europe: Esther Bromley, BG
N-E Europe: Aleksei Smirnov, TCRG
S-E Europe: Mara Cernat, TCRG
Russia: Anton Avramenko, TCRG
Asia & Middle East: Kathryn Barton, ADCRG

Committees within the council 

PR Chair : Shane McAvinchey TCRG, PR Team : Darya Markosyan TCRG and Rachel Franzen ADCRG

Professional Development Chair ; Darya Markosyan TCRG, Team : Robert Gabriell TCRG ,Lucy Johnson TCRG

Oireachtas Committee ; Chair Biagio Mineo TMRF, Team members Mary Sweeney ADCRG, Esther Bromley BG and Kathryn Barton ADCRG

Representatives to CLRG

Teachers reps  : Mary Sweeney ADCRG and Rachel Franzen ADCRG

Council Rep (voted by the current council): Shane McAvinchey, TCRG

Volunteer Opportunities

Over the years we have had many volunteers outside of the officers and council members volunteering their time for our region. This year yet again we have  Daniele Rigamonti TMRF working on our PR Team (website )  and Josephine Cairns TCRG working on the Professional Development Team.

If you have experience in any of those fields  and wish to volunteer, please get in contact. Our next  council meeting will be May 25th. If you have any questions, ideas or concerns please use our chain of command, write to your local rep or myself as Chair either to my personal email or to our RCCEA email

31 Oct 2018

Attention, teachers! Please ensure all perpetual cups are engraved, cleaned, polished and returned in time

14 Aug 2018

New Oireachtas hotel - there are no more rooms available at special rate in the Radisson Blu.