Once a teacher has passed their T.C.R.G. examination and has registered with CLRG they can then register with RCCEA. All active teachers, both resident or non resident, operating in our region are encouraged to join. It must be noted that if teachers wish to enter dancers at our annual Oireachtas - World Qualifiers, they must be registered. You can always contact your Regional representative for help or advice on how to get started.



CLRG Irish dance schools are now to be found in most areas of Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. The purpose of this website is to assist anyone wishing to join a CLRG registered school in the above mentioned region. New pupils are always welcome, as the main goal of CLRG is to promote and develop Irish dancing and its wider culture, especially its language and music. Please check the Teachers and Schools section to find a school closest to you.


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RCCEA Shoe bank project


RCCEA are glad to launch the Shoe Bank project and everyone involved in Irish Dance within our area, be they teachers, dancers, parents or Irish Dance retailers are invited to join the new group attached to our Facebook page. Let's get together as a community and help each other with shoe donations. Below you can read more about the aim and how the group will work: 

The RCCEA Shoe Bank group is an Irish Dance Shoes (& costumes) Donations program developed by the Regional Council of Continental Europe and Asia (RCCEA).
Our region includes 30 countries of very diverse backgrounds, geographical positions and currencies, so sometimes dancers and schools in more remote areas could use a much-deserved helping hand in getting shoes.
The aim of this group is to connect schools and dancers from our region needing shoes and potential donors. So if you are involved in Irish dance within our area, you might be interested in being part of the group.

How will this work?
☘ Schools/Dancers needing donations will send us a legitimate donations request. The request should include a list of what is needed (type of shoes, sizes and quantities), a small text and, if possible, a picture they find representative for them. The request should be sent to: contact @ europeirishdancing .com
☘ We will post the request and potential donors are free to comment and offer out their help.
☘ Once donors are found, the requesting school/dancer and donors should get in touch directly to talk about shipping etc.
☘ No sale offers are allowed on the group.
☘ Shipping costs should be covered by the receiving school/dancer, unless the donor clearly offers they wish to cover that cost themselves.
☘ Due to many different countries and, implicitly, many different national postal services being involved, we strongly recommend using registered mail/ parcel tracking when sending out any package. Donor and receiver phone numbers should also be clearly provided to the courrier.
☘ Once you've received your donations, a thank you note/card/post/picture/short video would be very welcome!
☘ Irish Dance shoe retailers interested in making a donation/sponsorship are asked to contact us via e-mail: contact @ europeirishdancing .com
Further information:
☘ post approval is turned on, so only posts following the program rules and relevant to the group purpose will be allowed;
☘ feel free to invite your teachers, dancers, parents and other people you know who are involved in the Irish dance world who could be interested in this program.
☘ do not post any personal information, such as shipping address, phone number etc. This should only be discussed via private e-mail between the requesting school/dancer and the donors.
☘ do not post pictures/videos of people without their consent.
☘ be kind and respectful of everyone involved in the project. Donors are kindly asked to be certain they wish to donate before making the offer, rather than offering, then retracting their help.
☘ donation requests should be reasonable. Only ask for what you need. Remember that shoes that you request and do not use right away, could have been helpful for other people otherwise.
☘ if you need a donation but also have some shoes that your own group does not need anymore, you could consider to offer them in a different post or even see if a shoe swap is possible with your donors.

11 Sep 2016

1. All CLRG registered teachers who wish to enter their dancers in the Mainland Europe Irish Dance Championships need

10 Dec 2017

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