Once a teacher has passed their T.C.R.G. examination and has registered with CLRG they can then register with RCCEA. All active teachers, both resident or non resident, operating in our region are encouraged to join. It must be noted that if teachers wish to enter dancers at our annual Oireachtas - World Qualifiers, they must be registered. You can always contact your Regional representative for help or advice on how to get started.



CLRG Irish dance schools are now to be found in most areas of Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. The purpose of this website is to assist anyone wishing to join a CLRG registered school in the above mentioned region. New pupils are always welcome, as the main goal of CLRG is to promote and develop Irish dancing and its wider culture, especially its language and music. Please check the Teachers and Schools section to find a school closest to you.


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Oireachtas final timetable

Oireachtas final timetable can be downloaded here

2019 Oireachtas hotel booking is open!

2019 Oireachtas hotel booking information is posted in the

Updated Oireachtas timetable

The updated Oireachtas timetable is attached.

Oireachtas Teacher Roster Sign-up Form

Dear teachers, the Oireachtas Committee has put together a form where you can offer your help

Parking information

Important pre-Oireachtas information! Parking at the venue is €12.50 per day

2018 Oireachtas cup return

Attention, teachers! Please ensure all perpetual cups are engraved, cleaned, polished and returned in time

2018 Oireachtas entries are open

Dear teachers, please note that Oireachtas entries are open.

2018 Oireachtas Hotel Information Update

New Oireachtas hotel - there are no more rooms available at special rate in the Radisson Blu.

2018 Oireachtas Hotel Information

To book your room with the Oireachtas hotel, follow these steps: